We’ve been flying all over the world and travelling up and down the country taking part in our travel reviews. We review hotels, destinations, days out and holiday resorts, both romantically (as a couple) and as a family.

Of course, with our readership, we favour those that offer a little more, a luxury element and impeccable service. You can see all our reviews on site, and keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon as we review a Barbados Luxury Holiday Resort, Austria, London Hotels and the DoubleTree by Hilton, plus romantic getaways in Devon and Cornwall.

With all this travel we decided to put together a luxury travel list. Items that make travelling easier while still leaving you feeling completely pampered. We took all of these on our last trip to Interlaken in Switzerland, where we reviewed an Ibis Hotel, a Luxury 5 Star Hotel in France and Eurocamp. We also reviewed the Jungfrau Park, the Wildlife Parks and many days out and activities. Full details coming soon!

Here’s our not so essential beauty travel checklist. You’ll thank us later!

Deborah Mitchell Weekender Kits

Heaven Skincare

These are my absolute favourites and what a lifesaver. Even on the worst days, stuck in a caravan, with a broken shower door and ants invading the bedrooms, these provided the pampering I needed to remind me what I was missing in the five star hotel (and at home).

From face masks (what a great idea!) to BB cream and eye gel, my skin looked radiant on my return and I can’t stop using them (soon to run out). They’re beautiful, every mini product. I can’t stress enough how wonderful these are for a holiday or weekend away, or even for a bit of pampering on a special evening.

Buy them!

N.B. We do not receive any commission if you click on the link or buy the kits so please believe us when we say, these are amazing!

Weekend Kits by Heaven



This is a natural gel for the relief of a dicky tummy on holiday, suitable for all ages. Luckily, we didn’t need to try it this time but we thought it was worth a mention as we took it with us due to a few plus points.

It can be used on any person, any age

It’s all natural

It’s easy to use

It’s perfect as an addition to the first aid kit (just in case!)

The Science Bit

Enterosgel is based on the mineral methilsilicic acid that helps to remove bacterial toxins from the gut within 12 hours. It’s taken internally as a drink by mixing with water, an hour before food. The gel doesn’t enter the bloodstream and is not absorbed into the body, but travels through the digestive system, helping cleanse endotoxins, pathogens, viruses (rotavirus, norovirus) and allergens in its path. It helps stop diarrhoea and vomiting without removing vital vitamins or nutrients. The pores in Enterosgel only absorb medium-sized molecules such as pathogens and other harmful substances, leaving behind beneficial substances such as calcium, vitamins and minerals.

I highly recommend you buy yours now, just in case!

Eye Drops

Hycosan Fresh, which are gentle eye drops that provide natural relief from mild eye irritation – such as what many people experience on aeroplanes. It’s 7.5ml so perfect for hand luggage as well as being totally preservative free, while remaining sterile for 6 months thanks to the unique bottle design. It also contains all natural ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate and plant extract Euphrasia to soothe and hydrate eyes as well as reducing redness. It’s £8.99 and available in all good pharmacies, opticians and Boots.

Melissa Dream

New Nordic Melissa Dream is the perfect supplement for any flyers. Melissa Dream calms the body mind through the use of lemon balm extract combined with chamomile extract, vitamin B complex and magnesium. It is the perfect way to be able to sleep through a flight, and arrive at your destination feeling totally refreshed. Alternatively, the supplement can be used to send you straight to sleep once you have reached your exotic destination.
RRP £14.99 for 40 tablets from Hollandandbarrett.com

EVY Sun Mousse

Its patented ‘Proderm’ technology means it absorbs into the skin’s top layer and stays put for up to six hours. Only a small amount is needed and it’s gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of skins – in fact it is consistently voted Sweden’s No.1 safest sunscreen.
There are six formulations to choose from, including EVY 30 Kids and EVY SPF 50, as well as EVY After Sun Mousse. All offer more than 90% UVA protection and are UVA five-star rated.

Travel Sickness Wristbands

Sea-Bands are acupressure knitted wrist bands that are clinically proven to relieve motion sickness and morning sickness in addition to helping with post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

· Sea-Bands are the natural choice for drug free relief of all types of nausea

o Natural relief

o No side effects

o Effective

o Reusable

o Washable

· For more information about types of nausea and forms of prevention, visit the Sea-Band website: www.sea-band.com

St John’s Ambulance First Aid Kit from Boots

We loved this little kit and after a week with three children in Switzerland, I thought I deserved one of the “I was brave” stickers for myself! It had everything we needed without being too bulky and made me feel so organised and mumsy everytime one child got an insect bite or had a fall in one of the many playgrounds. Incredible! (It’s in quite a sorry state now though!)

SJA and Boots Pharmaceutical’s ‘Children’s first aid kit’ is retailed at £13.49 and available to purchase from Boots online and in-store. It contains:
· First aid booklet
· Sticker sheet
· Tumble the Tiger Ice Pack
Quickly relives pain and swelling. Ideal for bumps, bruises, swelling or sunburn
· Burnblott
Instant relief for minor burns, scalds and sunburn. The gel moisturises, cools and soothes, minimising trauma and infection
· Eyewash phial
Suitable for eye and wound cleansing
· Cleansing wipes
Individually wrapped wipes in sterile water safe to use on open wounds.
· Small dressing
· Medium dressing
· Adhesive wound dressing
· Waterproof plasters
· Forehead thermometer
About St John Ambulance
As the nation’s leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance believes that nobody should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it. Every year thousands of people die in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. St John Ambulance teaches people first aid so that they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Miniland’s On the Go Travel Games

The collection of six magnetic games are ideal for children aged three years and upwards. Their compact size makes them great for travel by car, bus, train and plane! The six games have been designed to help children develop concentration and boost creativity.

Dental Wipes

We’ve always loved Brushbaby. They helped us ensure our youngest had sparkling teeth all the time. The range of accessories for babies and toddlers are inventive and incredible and these wipes are no different. With Brushbaby, my 5 year old looks forward to tooth brushing time and she’ll happily tell anyone who asks that she uses Brushbaby wipes.

We really can’t champion this brand enough. They’re only small too but will be huge soon, of that I have no doubt. If you have a child under 6 who doesn’t like brushing their teeth, check them out!

Brushbaby Dental Wipes – Apple Flavour

· 28 x individually-wrapped fingersleeve wipes
· With Xylitol to reduce sugar acids
· Fluoride and paraben-free
· Available from: www.brushbaby.co.uk, amazon.co.uk, Asda, Boots, John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bebe, Mothercare, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco, Waitrose
· RRP £ 4.99

Colgate ProClinical Pocket pro

Portable, stress-free and effective, the ProClinical Pocket Pro is the perfect toothbrush for the traveller, allowing you to maintain your daily dental health routine even when away from home. The compact case, with an inbuilt USB charger makes the Pocket-Pro the ultimate essential for all those going on their summer holidays, keeping your teeth and smile fresh and clean, ready for those holiday snaps!

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen

This little facial sunscreen is a delight and can be used on all faces without blocking pores. It also smells lovely and kept the sun off fine. We liked it.

Dr Beckmann Non Bio Travel Wash

There are few non bio travel washes on the market and this pains my family as they all itch with biological. I didn’t expect this travel wash to pack a punch but when I got a nasty stain on my white linen trousers it removed it with no problems. A great wash that really does do the job. Highly recommended!

Child Friendly Insect Repellent

Tesco Kids Insect Repellent Aerosol, 125ml, £4
Keep your little ones protected with the Tesco Kids Insect Repellent Aerosol. Formulated to repel those nasty bugs, this DEET free spray is ideal for your summer getaway.