It can be so hard to buy for people who have everything so we’ve put together a gift guide of luxury gift ideas to help you to decide. These gift ideas are also amazing for someone you don’t know too well. Did you get admin assistant Dave’s name in your secret Santa and you didn’t even know his name until now? Maybe you pulled Cheryl’s name from the hat and have no idea who she is. Whether it’s your mum who has everything she needs, your distant brother who seems to be doing so well for himself he needs nothing, or a best friend who’s told you that they don’t need anything for Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide there are some beautiful products, many from up and coming brands, many undiscovered, but we’re about to change all of that. The only danger you may encounter is wanting these gifts for yourself. I know we do!

Keep checking back as we’re adding to this guide everyday until the big day.

Truffle Flavoured Marmite

This falls into both categories of luxury and a great gift for the person who has everything but it won’t break the bank. That’s why it wins our Best on a Budget award for this category. A perfect Secret Santa gift and also a little different. They will either love it or hate it but either way, they’ll talk about it. Even if they hate marmite it’s a certainty that someone in their close circle will snap it up. It’s quite divine and incredible on toast with a poached egg on top and some Hollandaise sauce. Ideal for Boxing day breakfast! If you want to go a step further you can actually have the jar personalised too with their name emblazoned across it!

Marmite Truffle wins our Best Budget Buy for Luxury Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Philips Hue Floor Lamp

We are in love with this floor lamp and you will be too. It takes up hardly any space at all and is set in a high quality solid oak block. It’s like a tall light saber but cooler! You can download the app and choose from a wide array of colours and features. You can choose one colour, or a colour palette or you can choose to have the floor lamp cycle through a rainbow, pastel shades, sunset shades and many more. You’ll have hours of fun just playing with the app. It’s also bright so can light a large room and set the mood in an instant. It’s money saving too as the LEDs mean you cut back on your electric bills. We adore it. Oh, nearly forgot, you can also connect it to Alexa! What can’t it do?

Independent Wines

Independent wines offer a gift wrapped wine that you can personalise with a custom message. The wines are specially selected for their flavour, history and heritage and the recipient can learn all about the wine they have received. It’s a beautiful gift for the person who has everything, either to store in a wine cellar for a special occasion or to open on Christmas Day. It truly is special. You can choose from a collections of premium award winning Italian wines from the rarest grapes in the regions. From single estates to a delectable Brut, you won’t go wrong with Independent Wines. If you prefer gin, check out our Top Ten Gins.

Zippo Candle Lighter

They may have everything but do they have a candle lighter that never runs out? That’s great in windy conditions and is rechargeable with electricity? This will become a staple of their household as it’s a reliable, dependable candle lighter that could very well last for life. Every time they start that log fire, light a scented candle or light the candles on a birthday cake (without burning their fingers) they will think of you and thank you. It’s a great gift.

It really works!

Bonito Fish Clock

If you’ve not checked out Not Just a Shop yet you’re missing out. Everything is so well made with unique design flourishes that leave you with a huge smile on your face. One of our favourite items is this metallic Bonito Fish Clock. As the sun moves through the sky it projects different sheens from the rainbow metal making it a delight to tell the time. It’s so original and looks great with any interior aesthetic, whether you’re minimalist and need a conversation starter or you’re a lover of the quirky and unusual, this is the clock for you. Do check out their other products from handmade Christmas cards to tree decorations, our favourite being the felt Halo cat. You won’t be disappointed.

Telling the time has never been so much fun!

Soho Street Cocktails

These cocktails are so much fun. We especially loved the Cosmopolitan, our favourite tipple in the office, and loved cracking open the generously sized bag of nectar on a dark chilly Friday evening. There’s more than enough for at least four people and we didn’t need to add anything at all. Enjoyed directly from the flask and tastes like it has been freshly made behind a bar. There are more varieties than just the Cosmopolitan too, we loved the Espresso Martini and have our eye on the Pornstar Martini. These are a great gift for anyone and a lifesaver to have in for a party.

All ready to serve, a host’s secret weapon!

Bosch Tassimo Finesse Coffee Machine

Ok, if they have everything they’ve probably got a coffee machine. Heck, they may even have one that grows the beans, picks the beans, roasts the beans, grinds the beans and produces coffee BUT do they have a little nifty coffee pod machine that makes the most awesome Cadbury hot chocolate? The best Chai lattes? The incredible Kenco caramel cappuccinos? No. That’s why they need this. We love it. There is so much variety in the pods you can choose and each drink works out at about 50 pence. We love a frothy cuppa in the morning and a fresh bubbly hot chocolate late at night, just look at those layers in our very own image. Go check them out. It’s Bosch, ours is blue and for once, it’s not a kitchen gadget that’s ended up in a cupboard in the utility room, we’ve actually made space for it!

Tofu Press from Tofuture

What a brilliant name and such a nifty product too. If they already have a tofu press then they really do have everything BUT their tofu press will not be as handy, compact and sturdy as this one. It’s such a great product and doesn’t take up much space in the cupboard either. It’s so easy to use even non vegans will love it.

Fox’s Fabulous Viennese Collection

Sainsbury’s are known for appreciating quality which is why they’re handing their favourite customers Fox’s biscuits in their Scarborough stores. This is a great present for someone who already has everything. I know, as I’m especially hard to buy for and these were gifted to me. It was so hard not to eat the entire box. Buttery, vanillary, sugary, crumbly, chocolately, Christmassy goodness. It’s not Christmas time until you’ve pulled out the Fox’s biscuits.

Pen Heaven Notebook and Pen

Do you know someone who loves to write? Who needs to sign documents or simply create lists? This is the perfect luxury present for them. In fact do check out the full Pen Heaven website as they have some gorgeous literary gifts for writers and those that need a pen on hand. The finish is amazing, while the writing fluidity is second to none. This is one of those gifts where the recipient will think of you daily as they sign a cheque, fill an appointment in on a calendar or write a personal letter. It’s a beautiful gift idea. This is the Parker Jotter and Sacramento Rose Gold Pen.