We previously tested out the best home fragrances but now, with wax melts added to the mix, we thought this needed an update. That’s why we’ve spent the last six months testing out the best wax melts, candles and diffusers so we can bring you a definitive list. We also reviewed the Top Ten Home Fragrances last year if you’re in need of extra inspiration.

What Makes a Good Wax Melt or Candle?

I love candles and wax melts that are highly scented and actually fragrance a whole room. There are so many that don’t give off enough aroma, where you need to be stood over the product in order to benefit from the smell. In addition to this, some that are highly scented are very synthetic and so can cause coughs and headaches (I’m looking at plug in diffusers such as Air Wick, when they start using natural essential oils instead I will rejoice). Therefor the bar was held pretty high during the review process and we did burn them all, we didn’t just sniff the wax. There are some stand out wax melts and candles too, and I’ve been recommending them to everyone all over my social media as I was that impressed!

Here’s our pick of the best scented wax melts and candles

Sassy Shop Wax

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with Sassy Shop Wax. I’m so impressed that even though I have some squares left I have a basket ready to checkout as I don’t want to run out of this brilliant wax melt. Their range truly is amazing. I am particularly fond of Antique Bookstore and my whole house and office smells of it! It’s a very strong scent that lasts a long time, lazy me has even lit the same wax again and again and still the aroma permeates the rooms. Selfishly I’m so glad this is going out after I’ve stocked up as it seems so many people are catching on to this sassy secret and they’re sold out of many products. I’m especially keen to try the room sprays and bath products once they’re back in stock. In summary, if you have visitors coming at short notice, or you’d love to relax in a bath with a sweet smelling aroma, or you just like your home to smell divine, choose Sassy Shop Wax. At just £2.90 per bar they don’t break the bank either. I was dumbfounded when I found out the low price! Of course they win our Top Product Award.

Sassy Shop Wax won our Top product award in 2021


Nostara candles and diffusers offer a little bit of elegance to the home and fill a room with a luxurious festive perfume scent that is a joy to behold. They look great on a shelf and would make an excellent luxury gift for someone you love.

Nostara candle review

Joe and Anna

Best New Brand Award

Joe and Anna are a husband and wife team who make all of their wax melts and candles from scratch. We loved the Plum and Patchouli candle and wax melts. The packaging is premium and the scents are out of this world. They smell au natural and fragrance a room beautifully while they’re well packaged and presented in a sophisticated way. Look out for an interview with Anna in the coming weeks as she shares her story, her inspiration and tips. A beautiful brand with delightful products and an ethos we can get behind!

Joe and Anna Candle Review

Gretna Green Scented Candles

These luxury scented candles are divine and feature in our Top ten Home Fragrances as their scent is unique and they make the home feel luxurious.

They win our 2022 Top Product Award

The London Dispensary

These win our Best New Brand Award. The melts and candles are infused with CBD. You can see our complete CBD Gift Guide here. The scent is subtle which means you don’t get a headache with synthetic smells! It pours elegance into the home through a gorgeous aroma that drifts on the air. We’re blown away by these which is why they win our Best New Brand Award.

These really are delightful and grounding

La Di Dah

We loved the smell of the La Di Dah Sea Spray candles and reed diffuser, it took us back to the beach and reminded us of paddling in the small waves as they lapped on to the golden sand. The gift set is also perfectly presented making it a great gift for any recipient, that is if you can bear to part with it!

Holistic Candles

These candles come in a brown jar with a screw lid top, they’re sturdy and look warm and welcoming on a mantlepiece. The scents are lovely and they do add ambience to a room. They make a great gift.

Kindred Fires

Kindred fires have some amazing scents that are not usually found in candles. They add that much needed welcome to your home as they fill the air with their rustic aroma.

Slo Jo

The Slo Jo candle is a luxury scented candle that lives up to its price tag. I’ll even proclaim it to be better than Jo Malone. there, I said it. A beautiful strong, long lasting scent that delights the senses, calms and reaffirms while filling the whole room with a decadent aroma. A beautiful gift for someone who loves Jo Malone.

Slow ageing bath oil

Piglet in Bed

The fresh linen scented candle from Piglet in Bed is refreshing and delightful, leaving a room smelling like fresh laundry dried on the line on a summer’s day. It burns for a long time without losing its aroma and looks great on a mantlepiece.


A beautiful delicate scent that fills a room with a natural fragrance that’s light and airy. Presented well, this reed diffuser is a great gift for someone with taste.

Candalia review

Homedics Ellia Aroma Diffuser

It looks amazing, it smells amazing and is easy to use. A lovely gift and a great addition to any home, better than others we’ve tried as the aroma really does fill the whole room.

Ellia Aroma Diffuser

Yankee Candle Advent Tower

Packed full of all your favourites, along with some new scents, this ENORMOUS advent calendar is bound to be a hit. With candle glasses and even a metal candle snuffer, it has all you need to make your home smell divine all through December. A great gift, even if it’s past the 1st of December, as there’s tonnes of presents inside.

Yankee Candle

Cheshire Scents

There are some lovely unique flavours from Cheshire Scents and the wax is bright and bold. The gift box looks adorable and we loved the aroma as it filled the home.