We’ve tested every single one of our top ten hair products and only those that have delivered real results have made it into our gift guide this year.

10The Controversial Wen Cleansing Conditioner!

Wen Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner is a sulphate free shampoo that tingles the scalp but leaves hair squeaky clean and fresh. The perfect for cure for the morning after the night before! It has been in the news though as it seems not everyone is happy with the product. Check it out before you buy, and do an allergy test. We loved it but we are a little worried it may not be right for some. If you’ve not read the stories about this product, have a Google then make up your own mind.

9Yes to Cucumbers Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Say YES to head turning colour with Yes To Cucumbers Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner Perfect for colour-treated hair, the sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner serves as a personal bodyguard to your hard earned colour. Formulated with Sunflower, which nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, and Aloe to moisturize. Hair will feel shiny, thick and healthy in no time. Yes to colour that lasts!
·         – 99% Natural
·         – Petroleum, SLS, & Paraben Free
·         – Cruelty-free
For budget frizz fighters: Creighton’s Keratin Pro is formulated with Keratin to help reduce frizz, leaving hair smooth and manageable.
For dry hair: Creighton’s Argan Smooth shampoo and conditioner are rich in antioxidants and Morrocan Argan Oil to help condition and revive hair for a glossy finish. Great value for money for those on a low budget.
Sunday Woman Top Product Award
Sunday Woman Top Product Award

8Moroccan Oil

Make sure your loved one is opening one of Moroccan oil’s signature blue boxes this season and with
such a range to choose from you’re spoiled for choice. New limited-edition Moroccanoil Repair
Collection boxes  are filled with indulgent Moroccanoil hero products to keep your hair beautifully
healthy into the New Year.


7OGX Argan Oil & Shea Butter Collection


Incredibly hydrating for hair that hates central heating, this range is one of the best buys this winter. Keep an eye out on our other hair product posts for more from ogx

6Electric Intensive Mask

Soft and supple is what your hair will be after this indulgent hair mask. It’s easy to apply and smells divine. Hair feels great after use and it looks good on the shelf too. A good all rounder.

5Osmo Intensive Hydration

The Osmo moisturising range is just the thing for hair that needs a little TLC

4Moroccan Naturals Argan Oil

The Moroccan Naturals Argan oil comes in a generous bottle and is easy to apply, a true winner. There are a lot of Argan Oils on the market but this is our favourite due to the price and the purity. You can also use the oil day to day, to smooth frizzy hair, or once a week for a deep intensive hair treatment. The oil can be used in the bath to help moisturise dry skin also.

3True Keratin Professional

Not available to everyone, the True Keratin range is the perfect fix for frizz. We like it but it’s hard to get hold of and there are some questionable people selling it. It’s probably best to buy from a salon or go direct to the source with this one.

2Napura Scalp Treatment

The Napura range is our firm favourite as it smells so clean and delivers real results, quickly.There’s a pre and post scalp treatment which leaves the scalp feeling hydrated and refreshed.

1Envy Avocado Goodness

Envy have released a range of avocado hair products and we love them. We’ve been waiting for avocado oil to be used in hair and skin products as we bought some pure and realised just how versatile it is.
These are styling products that protect hair while treating. Check out the full Envy range to see what else they have, it’s all of a superior quality. They’re new on our radar.
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